*** Welcome to SBOR ***

This project is dedicated to the memory of Sir Clive Sinclair who sadly passed away 16th September 2021.

The objective is to create a unique digital monument, composed of our shared Sinclair memories encoded together so that the final product represents each and every one of us.
(Note: for those thinking this is an NFT thing - don't worry, it is definitely not!)

It is an opportunity for each of us to share a memory and, together, create a unique dedication to "Uncle Clive".

I am asking that each of us contribute a Sinclair memory, by simply sending email with your story (with up to 4 image attachments). Sending your email to memory@sbor.uk will trigger the system to automatically create an entry to the SBOR site. You will receive a reply containing the link to your contribution, which I would urge you to share far and wide!

At a pre-determined date, say the 1-year anniversary of Sir Clive's passing, all of the entries will be combined and encoded into a single unique value (using the SHA256 hash algorithm).
This hash will be unique in the universe and will represent all of our combined memories of what Sinclair meant to us.


For many of us, the careers we enjoy today, were inspired by early contact with a home computer. Even if it wasn't a ZX80 or 81, the low price but high capability of these machines forced home computer prices down to within reach of more or less everyone. The ZX81 was followed quickly by the ZX Spectrum which led us into arguably the golden age of home computing and a time that we all look back on very fondly indeed.

I was deeply moved when I heard about Sir Clive's passing. Normally, when 'famous' people die I can be sad at the news but usually otherwise untouched. This was different for me as I defintely feel that he personally contributed to my choice of careers and all the great things that followed on from that. Which inspired me to do something in his memory.


Sinclair Book of Remembrance (SBOR) does two things:
1) it is a simple way for us to record a memory of what Sinclair meant to us. Just like the many posts I've seen on Instagram and Twitter. Each entry is presented as a page with text and up to 4 images, created by simply emailing the site (email address to follow!).
2) on the 1-year anniversary the entries will be combined into a stand-alone block-chain to provide a unique hash value that represents our combined memories of what Sinclair meant to us and will look something like this:



I've tried to make this as simple as possible - there is only 1 step:
Send an email to memory@sbor.uk with your text and up to 4 images.

Your email:
Becomes this SBOR page:

You will receive a reply with a link to the page that is generated. Don't worry if you made a mistake with your entry, the page is linked to your email address so if you want to make any alterations, just send another email and it will use the newer version.

In order to reach to maximum number of people we can, please share your post on social media, or at least share a link to this site. Without this essential step, the whole project will likely fail.


Now and until 15th September 2022 - for issue 1.
After this, with sufficient interest, maybe there would be an issue 2, and so on.

How much will it cost?

There will be no charges whatsoever and no advertising.

What's next?

  • The site is an early version and probably at the limit of what I can do for UI/UX.
    If you have any skills or cool ideas to offer, please get in touch! i.can.help@sbor.uk
    It would be nice it the page could do more to represent the hardware visually.
  • Feature additions, such as support for things such as code listings, and hardware inventories.
  • Suggestions welcome! Send to suggestions@sbor.uk

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